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How much more can I take

From the weak, petty and jealous

Propping up their frail egos

By draining me

Of my peace

Of mind?


How will this end?


Their ego and character will sit unsteadily

On a dry faltering castle of sand

As my mind

Will become even more focused

And rid of the trivial,

Glowing like real solid gold


As the froth from the sliding ripples


Towards an already

Shaky fort.


And the happiness

Drained from me


Was not enough

To save the castle

From crumbling

Back to the sea.



Only to have my faith and peace trashed
And crumpled up
And thrown back on to the path.

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A split second moment
That meant nothing to anyone
But me

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Good afternoon.

Some wine,

Break bread,

Listen intently

As the afternoon breaks,

Out of

Morning’s cold clutch,

And becomes


In its own right.

Pulling the river and the people


Towards a red silver evening.

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte - 1884


Grandfather’s Clock

December 11, 2016 — Leave a comment

I remember

Running through streams and stepping over twisty ripples

One mossy rock at a time,

The thin hands on the grandfather clock

Ticked and tocked and stopped momentarily

Allowing our laughs and screams of joy

Time to spread through the trees and bramble,

And the sunlight to dance on our dreams.


I’m older now and recall,

Such happy moments, golden times.

They pierce the hard days and drudgery

Of this horrid world

When the same thin hands on the grandfather clock

Never seems to stop,

To let the same old sun come into my dreams.


Summer Time

March 17, 2016 — Leave a comment

What a beautiful day




Clean fresh views

Of the raspberry bush

Purply red prickly swaths

Of leaves

And fruit

And watery streams

Running away from springtime