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I get a knot,

In the pit of my stomach,

When I become afraid,


Of the real,

Or imagined,


Even when the

Real angst

Is meaningless.


Those senses,


So close,

And not

So far


From each other,

Dictate how I feel,

And act.

That’s what makes

It so




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And they come to tea
Fondling my fragile china cups
Tedious tapping of a tea spoon
On a saucer.

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The New Year

January 4, 2017 — Leave a comment

I moved from 16 to 17 like a bewildered teen

When the ball slipped down the pole

In a sleek dazzling dance, and I had to get out

of the party

as dates flipped

Because the eyes and wine glasses

turned to me and the new year

2017, started the way the old one ended

In fear and confusion and a need to escape

But nowhere to go

The New year had only begun.