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Having rough wind and rain here in Florida.  Heard some desperate croaking and found this little beauty with a baby on its back hanging on for dear life.


Taken quickly with my iPhone 



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Not for me,


To the norm,

Or meeting other people’s


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Im an immigrant. From Scotland. Now a US citizen so it’s a no brainer to me. Come here legally and you are fine. Same for immigrants to Britain

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Star Wars Whim

December 26, 2017 — Leave a comment


MGM Hollywood at Disney have had their old Movie based attractions pulled out to make way for more Star Wars rides. There was, until a couple of years ago a shop at the entrance that sold old Hollywood memorabilia. Where you could buy autographed photos of Clark Gable and The Marx Brothers, amongst many others.
Space is also being reserved for a Toy Story themed extravaganza. (See above.) Therefore, with all this building going on, there are only about four rides operating at this park at the moment. The Back Lot tour is gone as is the Hollywood boat ride through the different years of the golden era.
So if you are a big Star Wars fan and like Toy Story it is safe to say you will enjoy this park when it is ready. For me it will be a sad day and I predict this will turn out to be a big mistake. Disney is all about tradition and when you turn your back on such memories you are left with a whim and one that will fade with the passage of time. Like the American Idol studio in the park that closed. Thankfully.

No Card Needed

February 13, 2017 — 2 Comments


My signature on a Valentine’s card

Will fade over time.

But the aching intensity

Of my love

For you,

Will never

Be destroyed

By moments.


Grandfather’s Clock

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I remember

Running through streams and stepping over twisty ripples

One mossy rock at a time,

The thin hands on the grandfather clock

Ticked and tocked and stopped momentarily

Allowing our laughs and screams of joy

Time to spread through the trees and bramble,

And the sunlight to dance on our dreams.


I’m older now and recall,

Such happy moments, golden times.

They pierce the hard days and drudgery

Of this horrid world

When the same thin hands on the grandfather clock

Never seems to stop,

To let the same old sun come into my dreams.