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There’s something very sad about this but it’s very true.


There has been a stabbing in Paris this evening. The assailant and a victim are both dead. They do not know if this is terrorist related but it looks like it.

Why do some people think it is a good idea to kill people to further their cause? Far too much hatred in this world. Not enough love and compassion.


So the Mr Men books are sexist now. Some people have too much time on their hands. Leave the Mr Men books alone. Getting ridiculous.

Hollywood was a different place in the first half of the 20th century. Great movies, decency, modesty but powerful storylines and brilliant actors. And they did all the stunts themselves. We will never get back to the good old days, but thankfully we have it all on film.  Respect for these guys.

It’s going to rain,

I can tell,

By the way I feel,

And the spit on my skin.

It’s going to rain,

I can tell,

By the cloud up above

And the look in your eyes,

It’s about to come down



May 12, 2018 — Leave a comment

It was hard,

Watching my Dad

Staggering home from the pub,

Up the dark

Orange lit shadowed Street,

From our dusty greased window,

Two stories up,

Looking down,


When the key slipped into the lock

And he came through the door,

Into the house,

My life would never be the same,


This woman is crazy. Her ideas are off the wall. But she will be taken seriously by other people with funny dyed hair. God help us.

I live 100 miles from Disneyworld. I was born In Scotland but have lived in the State of Florida for 16 years. I know Mickey Mouse well. If you live in Florida you can’t get away from the little critter.



2008 was the first year I ever ventured out to Orlando and remember quite clearly driving under the arch that takes you straight into the magical world of Disney.   40 square miles of theme parks and resorts. We spent a thoroughly pleasant week at the Port Orleans resort  and visited all four parks. Including of course, the Magic Kingdom. When we were there in 2008, 2009, and each consecutive year up until 2014 the parks were a joy to visit. Including the Magic Kingdom. Now? Changes have taken place and not for the better. Everyone on the planet wants to go to the Magic Kingdom but the park quite obviously cannot accommodate everyone. But they try. That is part of the problem. I would say a good idea would be to log into Tripadvisor and have a look at  the reviews for the Magic Kingdom. People aren’t  happy. Yet, to my mind, it’s the people who are the problem. Enabled by the Disney Corporation of course.

For example, the maximum capacity of the Magic Kingdom is 75,000. That is triggered on many occasions and with the gates closed, the crowds inside the park are insane. People line up for hours for a ride, for food, for bathrooms, and for displays. The firework display, which is extraordinary, is mobbed and many of the visitors to the park say they fear there could be an emergency and there would be no way to deal with it.  No path through the frenzied mob. No way out. Not a great experience for the anxious or the claustrophobic. At least Tinkerbell has the freedom to rise above it all as she sprinkles her pixie dust on the frustrated and bewildered crowd.

People are less patient now and can be downright rude at times. I have had experiencee of that. One nasty incident or confrontation with an impatient guest can spoil your whole day.  With admission prices at $137 plus parking fees of $22 plus food and shopping a day at the Magic Kingdom is not cheap. Just takes one sour moment to ruin your experience and leave you feeling bitter and resentful. Look at the parents. How many are smiling? Very few if any.


It’s the culture, folks. It’s narcissism, greed and self centeredness. Put that mix in an area of 4,660,773 sq feet, where the lines for the rides are one, two or three hours long, but the lines for the purchase of Mickey Mouse ears and clothing and mugs and anything else Mickey are negligible. Won’t see a three hour line in a Disney shop.

It’s the pop culture and the staff in the parks are not smiling. It’s different now. The spirit of Disney is withering away as the dumbing down blasts its way through the family unit. Pop culture and instant access to porn on demand. For starters. What happened to innocence, decency and modesty? Maybe in the beginning, when the word was Walt, there was an innocence that was endearing and made the Magicc Kingdom a place where ‘magic’ had validity and people were truly happy. Not now.

Disney need to step up to the plate and modernize. But the problem remains. There is a malaise in our society and the gentleness and pleasantry that people experienced in the old days is unlikely to return. And it’s the same wherever you go. And if you think you could get away from it all  just remember.

Disney cruises are becoming more and more popular.  Cruises. It doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to see where they are heading. Well, at least the ships have lifeboats. This is on board a Disney cruise.




Just to let you know that while the March for Our Lives was taking place in DC there were protests against guns running concurrently in cities all over Europe. For example in Edinburgh, a protest which I presume had more to do with Trump rather than AR 15s.

As an American citizen I am pro 2nd amendment. Do I like guns? No. Have I held a gun? No. But in this country the 2nd amendment is an absolutely necessity.

Why Europeans were out in the street for this March for Life is beyond me. Paris, London, Glasgow. Lucerne etc. It does not affect them. It affects me because I live here but I can assure you I wasn’t walking up US1 in a pussy hat holding a placard.

The US has a written constitution. The U.K. does not have a written constitution. Maybe David Hogg and his teletubbies should think through the ramifications before jumping head first into their paddling pools.

I am disappointed in Europeans coming out on to the street protesting against something they do not understand. It strikes me more and more that the march was politically motivated and the money that paid for the 30 coaches to rumble into Pennsylvania Avenue did not come from Tinkerbell’s magic dust. Soros paid a million. Clooney paid half a million. Etc. it’s maneuvering new young voters away from the evil Trumpsters so they can get a result in 2018 with virgin voters and henceforth impeach the POTUS. Won’t happen.

I for one will vote Trump so less of the ambivalence about me being a lib on the fence. I’m an independent. I veer right. Hence my vote for Trump in November. Immigration is my big worry. Should be for all Americans. I will not vote Dem. If there is no wall and no resolution to the DACA problem adios America.

So America has to deal with it and cannot be told what to do by some brats that cannot open a tin of beans or change a tire.

And don’t jump off the Trump train over one terrible bill. (The military needed the money. The pork was cancerous.) The consequences would be so severe you’d be better off jumping under the train.


My grandfather’s brother on my Dad’s side moved his family to Rhodesia from Scotland after WW2. They were in the Diamond business. His daughter became Editor of the Hong Kong Wall St Journal. Very successful. Proud protestants, generous to everyone who worked for them.

Since the whites have been marginalized and these animals have taken over this is going to end up in a complete and utter bloodbath. The black population over there haven’t got a clue how to live like normal human beings in a civilized society.

It’s not racist. Ian Smith, was probably one of the most controversial Prime Minister’s ever, but Rhodesia prospered under his leadership. Now he has long gone, we can see the inevitable result and we can probably agree things are not going to end well. This is a disaster in the making. We have to support the white farmers.