When the good in people Wins the battle Evil Will wait And wait Until it can strike   So let it meander In Hell’s Never ending realm Until it consumes itself In its own self rendered rage

Surely It Kahn’t be!

Really. Who on earth apart from liberals and the MSM couldn’t see through this sensationalized drivel.  Not once did Trump criticize Muslims in America never mind in the army. He is pointing out the dangers of unmitigated immigration from countries… Read More ›

When The Sun Settles

I know what the sand on a French beach feels like Underneath my feet and startled by the friction feelings Heightened by the foam lining the rocks Much harder under My body pressing down to push me through the cracks… Read More ›

Summer Time

What a beautiful day Nice Hot Sweaty Clean fresh views Of the raspberry bush Purply red prickly swaths Of leaves And fruit And watery streams Running away from springtime

Inflatable Snowman

I’m sitting on a chair Under the moon In my garden And my inflatable snowman is still full of air. 10.13 pm Christmas Day. That  awkward pause when evening casts a melancholy mood Over the laughter and hurt feelings That… Read More ›


It’s not the same I say As I watch the rain pour down A week before we celebrate The birth of the Lord our Saviour. In this clammy climate, The killer humidity, Where sandals Shorts and tee shirts are the… Read More ›

Safe Space

I step outside, breath in fresh air The walls were closing in around me I drag a chair to the lawn and sit right down To drink my Earl Grey tea. Slip out my diary from my trouser pocket Swipe… Read More ›