Florida (After 16 years)

May 21, 2018 — 1 Comment


I flew into Miami. The alligators were waiting.

God was in a million churches.

He understood my Scottish accent. The girl in McDonalds did not.

The schools were a sham. I panicked. My poor kids.

I looked down at the sidewalk.

Waiting to be bitten by venomous reptiles

Who became my neighbors. They withheld their poison until my back was turned.

The trucks were awful. The lights far too bright.

Which meant I didn’t drive at night.

But God understood my accent.

I watched football but my imagination was kicking balls.

Not tossing,

I watched baseball and swung my pole wildly out  over the river and rejoiced

When the fish wiggled.

I survived hurricane Jeanne and Mickey Mouse

The latter appearing so aloof,

But it was the former that blew away my roof.

I’ve been nickel and dimed and downright robbed

Because they thought

I didn’t


He’s not from here,

They said.

But after 16 years

Assimilating and waiting

I do


And God


Understands my accent.


One response to Florida (After 16 years)


    wow that’s a tough gig, great poem … thanks for the follow!

    Liked by 1 person

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