They Say It Is Karma

May 14, 2018 — Leave a comment

A beautiful day,

Driving along

A busy highway

Humming a song.


A feeling of




Then out of the blue

Under a glistening sun,

An image


In my mind.

Of someone, quite sadly

I hated,

And at one time berated,

A memory

From many moments ago.


“Where did that come from?”

I asked, rhetorically,


I should have known,


It came out of nowhere

Straight into my gut,

And I can’t speed away

The exit is shut.


And now I’m there,

My hands on the wheel,

A negative memory

Trying to steal,

The happiness I knew

Before out of the blue,

Thought came to take it away.


So I drive along.

Whipping myself with this dark

Menacing memory,

Of something forgotten,

Someone I knew

Eons ago.

I obsess and twist and toss it around

And watch it grow.


I look at the clouds

Up above and I say,

A little prayer,

Please take it away.

But still it persists

As it turns

And it twists

And it stays with me for the rest

Of the day.





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