Month: May 2017

A Track Less Run

I I really believe that the human Race has no finishing line But we all fall dead At different points Along this pointless course, Or else we are taken Off the track To a track less run Where we can… Read More ›

My First Drink

This is how I described my first drink of Scotch. The biggest mistake I made in my life. It was my gateway into a path of self destructiveness that brought me close to death. But the story is about bullies…. Read More ›

Attempt at Book 2

So I went into Kindle and downloaded this awesome masterpiece. Anyway. I noticed some spelling mistakes. Then one or two grammatical errors. At least. But then I realized at times I was forgetting I used a pen name. Methinks I’m… Read More ›

Attempt at Book

I have written 70,000 words about my experience as a kid in Scotland being brought up by a fairly wealthy professional musician. Both parents were alcoholics but I try to focus on the bullying at school I could not contend… Read More ›