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Referring to Boxcars as a way off sending illegal immigrants out of the country is not only ridiculous but despicable.

Equating Illegal Immigrants with the Jews? I am absolutely certain this will be handled in a very civilized fashion.

Management is the key.

Sealing the borders is the answer.

But Boxcars. Says more about Clinton than anything else.


Illegal is not Legal

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We should understand one thing. Legal and illegal are not the same. When Donald Trump talks about Illegal Immigrants that is exactly what he means. Not legal.

Why do the media insist on saying that Trump is referring to Immigrants when he is not?

They have an agenda.

Donald Trump is not establishment. There are no special interest groups behind this man. He is not financed by Oil Companies and the Pharmaceutical Industry. He is the most dangerous man the establishment has had to face in decades.

Therefore, Fox, MSNBC, CNN and all the others. They’re protecting their own.

They all play for the same team.

And they make up their own rules. They have to stop this guy from getting near the White House.

Otherwise there really will not be any difference between Illegal and Legal Immigrants.

The Truth

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